Our values

We are a Société Coopérative simplifiée (SCOOPS) created in Benin in 2019 with a vision of development through online training. We have a great ambition for this country and for all of Africa. We rely on eight core values to evolve and to make our strategic decisions.

Solidarity : We came together to pool our resources and to work as a team to ensure the sustainability of the cooperative that ensures the collective interest of its members. We are also in solidarity with our communities and with young people who are looking for work and a better future. Any profit made by our startup is entirely reinvested in the collective interest by the production of courses of public interest that can serve Africa

Openness : We listen and we are ready to learn, to change and to progress

Equality : The members of the cooperative are equal partners in their responsibilities, commitments and their remuneration. They all participate in decision-making

Respect : Each member of the cooperative agrees to treat his colleagues, contractors, clients and of course the learners with courtesy, honesty and frankness, to recognize their differences as well as what is in common, and to see them as bases for a better relationship and work

Teamwork : We work to create an environment where members of the cooperative work together in harmony with a spirit of solidarity and mutual aid. We actively listen to each other

Service : We provide quality services to our clients and we are committed to serving our communities and in particular those who are disadvantaged and to giving them access to valuable training

Proximity : Our vision of development is a global vision, but where actions are local, the connections between human beings are the base of any progress

Sustainability : Our startup is at the service of present and future generations and we are committed to the long term. Our vision of development is sustainability through democratised access to information, and growth through training.